About Shan Mai

天天酷跑北冥巨鲲搭配什么:About Shan Mai

天天酷跑吸血伯爵 www.disjj.icu Shan Mai Food Company Founded in 1967,We elaborated the first taro pastry with Dajia taro in 1998. The filled stuffing and fresh taste not only make Shan Mai Taro pastry well-known in Taiwan, but also win the award of dessert of the State Banquet. Other important thing is to raise the income level of farmers and the cost-effectiveness of Dajia Taro agriculture.

先麥 故郷の味

We place high value on food quality, and it is our core energy to innovate and create the excellent products. In 2014, Shan Mai launches a new product KRUNCHEE-VEG crispy snack and only use the Taiwan’s agriculture products. The KRUNCHEE-VEG crispy snack have “taro, sweet potato, carrots, red sweet pepper and broccoli flavor. 100% made in Taiwan. You can eat the vegetable original color, flavor and ingredient. You will experience the whole new surprise when you the first bite. If you eat very little vegetable and fruit, or you are children, we recommend you taste the Shan Mai KRUNCHEE-VEG, the most crispy snack.